Dried Bouquet or Fresh Bouquet

Dried Bouquet or Fresh Bouquet


Happy 3rd Birthday Minny and Paul! We’ll be helping them celebrate their 3rd birthday on Saturday, August 17th, along with a lovely selection of other local vendors. Pre-order your fresh or dried bouquet for easy pick up and come enjoy a Saturday amongst friends. If pre-order is not the avenue you would like to take, come and shop the incredible selection we’ll have available on site. Otherwise, choose between fresh bouquet or dried bouquet—beautiful selection of locally sourced blooms via Twin Cities Flower Exchange.

*we will be donating 10% of our sales throughout the day to Minny and Paul’s local community partner Wayside Recovery Center for Women.

When: Saturday, August 17th, 11am-4pm

Where: 1500 Jackson St, NE, Studio 247

What: Minny & Paul turns 3!

Vendors: Isadore Nut Company, Coffee Cart MPLS, Ashley Mary Art, Mademoiselle Miel, and of course, Minny and Paul.