Megan & Charlie

To be an onlooker throughout the entire day for Megan and Charlie’s wedding one thing was very apparent, they are both loved by so many wonderful people—laughter, hugs, joy, dancing, tears, comfort, warmth, smiles etc. From the beginning I loved working with Megan. Her style (as you can bear witness to in these photos) obviously impeccable, the way she moves through a room, her attention and love for detail, her smile, her compassion and thoughtfulness to others, the list goes on and on. To work on Megan and Charlie’s floral design was not only inspiring but also challenging. Challenging because I wanted nothing more than the flowers to wholeheartedly represent their love, along with whom they are as individuals. Then their wedding day came and everything could have not been more perfect. Honestly, I think I had tears in my eyes a strong majority of the day. Words will never be able to do justice to the day’s magic. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your day—one thing I wish for Megan and Charlie is not only a lifetime of happiness, but to continue to enjoy life and the ride.

Venue — Paikka

Photography — Sara Ascanio

HMU — Lady Camp Artistry

Coordination — Laine Palm Planning

Bar— Posh Bar

Catering — Gardens of Salonica

Entertainment— Colin Wilkinson

Genevieve Wilson