Emily & Connor

Where do I even begin with Emily and Connor. Emily has one of the most enchanting presence. She’s 100% herself and she never apologizes for this, what I believe to be one one her strongest attributes. When we would have clients meetings they would inevitably turn into 3 hour long conversations—this is how I knew that Emily was a client turned friend. She could have not been more beautiful on her wedding day and although I didn’t have the chance to meet Connor before the big day (due to a relocation to MN) I could tell how in love these two were from the moment I saw them. They could not stop laughing, having fun with one another, holding hands, kissing, making sure that they were soaking it all in, and for me, I got to witness it all first hand. To design their flowers for their wedding day was the ultimate honor, to the say the least. Personally, I didn't want the day to end and you can tell by Emily and Connor’s smiles in the photos below that they didn’t want it to end either.

Venue — Paikka

Design & Planning — Laine Palm Designs

Photography — Sarah Olfelt Photo

Catering— Marnas Catering

Bar — Liquid Motion

Hair & Makeup — Lady Vamp Artistry

Rentals — Quest Events

Stationery — Something Peach

Suits — The Black Tux

Dress — The Whiteroom

Genevieve Wilson